Woven progress

Last weekend while I was up in Paradise with my Dad, I started working on the WebConduit2 client side javascript event queue. It's such a simple concept -- queue up messages that the client wants to send to the server in an Array, and send them one at a time using the input IFrame, waiting until the server has replied to send the next message. However, IE on Mac OS X complains that the Array doesn't have an 'unshift' method. It works on Chimera.

Well, since I haven't written the node-replacement code for IE yet either, I guess I can wait to debug the event queue. The node-replacement code for IE should be incredibly easy with the outerHTML property.

Glyph checked in his Tapestry controller. I really like the implementation, although sometimes I worry a little about too much magic. Especially prepending a capital V to the view name -- I think we could do without that. Either use the full name including V in your HTML template, or leave off the V in the Python module. Anyway, the concept of having a main Resource object that dispatches to other Resource objects using getChild is a strong one. Using wchild_ is ok if your URLs are static, but I'll definately have to write a short tutorial on building dynamic URL heirarchies using getChild. It's so easy and powerful, but I have a feeling most people just don't know how to use it.

I'm going to try posting to my weblog more frequently. I'd like more people to know about my design decisions and progress on Woven.

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