WebConduit: Two-way Live Asynchronous Web Page

This is a project I have been working on for a while now, and I have been working on the idea (a graphical MOO environment) for almost 8 years now! It's a live, two way, asynchronous web page; a web page that never has to refresh the entire page, either to send data to the server or for the server to send data to the web page.

Of course, the same thing is possible in Flash with the XMLSocket object; in fact, the first actual implementation I did of a MOO client in a web page used a small Flash movie as the inputline/output controller. But this version requires no plug ins; is fairly cross browser compatible; and works great!

I will most certainly be including the ability to send JavaScript to a web page asynchronously in my web framework, WebMVC, based on the Twisted network framework, written in Python. If you're interested, you can run the WebConduit yourself by downloading twisted and the files here.

See the output of LambdaMOO in a whole new light!

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