Weird Weather

A few days ago, we woke up to 96 degree weather, with 80% humidity. This is a very rare thing for up north here. It wasn't stifling, although it was much nicer outside than in, so I decided to go for a little swim. It turned into more of a wade than a swim. Lake Superior always stays cold, no matter how warm it is out, and I couldn't bring myself to jump all the way in.

Within an hour, the temperature had dropped to 80 degrees. Within another hour, the temperature was 70. The change was so fast that I went from having all the windows and doors in the house open to closing them all.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon hasn't repeated itself. It has been overcast and in the 60s for a few days now. Today, I am going to drive down to Midland to stay with my Dad for a month, while Ari goes to California to help her parents move. It's amazing what a difference a four hour drive makes. We'll certainly be needing the air conditioning this summer.