Simplified one-wire transmission system

If the secondary does not have distributed capacitance which cancels the coil's self induction, then an appropriately sized capacitor should be added between the coil and ground.

Magnifying transmitter replication

Key tuning factors

Coil length must match one quarter the wavelength of the impulse frequency.

Coil capacitance, including a capacitor added to coil, must cancel self-induction of the coil.

Impulse rise and fall slopes must be as sharp as possible, possibly in the nanosecond range.

Impulse duration must be as short as possible. The duty cycle of the wave should be as close to 0 as possible.

The center tap on a bifilar pancake coil will be the point at which the output voltage is highest. The terminal goes here. (? -- is this true? Take measurements)

How to calculate the capacity of the terminal? Terminal construction? Terminal should possibly be glass, although could also be metal

How is the size and positioning of the extra coil calculated?

One wire electrical transmission driving loads

Step-down coils, wound in the opposite direction but otherwise exactly the same as the transmitter, can be attached to the one-wire transmission system to drive loads.

The AV plug and a smoothing capacitor is added to power a load.

As many receivers as desired may be added to drive loads.

The wardenclyffe tower magnifying transmitter used the earth as the one wire.