From San Francisco to Detroit for MacHack 20

I have always wanted to go to MacHack, but I never actually have. Ironically, I even lived in Ann Arbor—just miles away from the Dearborn location—for a few years in the 90s. This year, since I was laid off from work and could afford to take the time, I decided to go. So far it has been an amazing experience, and thus I relate a story of the journey as told in pictures.

Before boarding a plane for Detroit, I spent a night at a hotel in San Francisco. They apparently had internet access from out of the 19th century.

The view from my hotel in San Francisco was stunning...

...while the view from my hotel in Detroit is less so...

...and apparently in a low-rent neighborhood.

The snacks at MacHack are sponsored by Google this year and are therefore of very high quality...

...especially the candied fried eggs, which are delicious.


LivePage rules

At SuperHappyDevHouse last weekend, I finally got the time to update the Chatola example to the latest livepage APIs, which I was developing in a series of branches named livepage-completion-notification. Since all the examples are now updated and the new API is relatively robust and stable, I merged this long-standing branch into trunk today.

These API changes were the major thing I wanted to get done before releasing Nevow 0.5. Unfortunately, after the 0.4.1 release the other major change occurred: Depending on zope.interface. formless.annotate.TypedInterface did some things with Interface that zope.interface doesn't like at all. So I'll have to decide how to deal with this; right now I'm leaning towards hacking them out using any means necessary. It won't be pretty.

With livepage solidifying, formless next up to be put through the refactoring ringer, and a planned context refactoring in the future, Nevow is really starting to move towards a stable 1.0 target.

One last thing... I have a secret LivePage project that I have been working on which I am very eager to show the world. Some of you know about it; don't tell anybody what it is yet, I want it to be a surprise :-)