Spawning 0.8.8 released

Another minor Spawning release cleans up some log messages, the way PYTHONPATH and the location of python are determined, and adds some convenient command-line options for controlling the operation of the server. Here are the release notes:

  • Added --access-log-file command line option to allow writing access logs to someplace other than stdout. Useful for redirecting to /dev/null for speed

  • Correctly extract the child's exit code and clean up the logging of child exit events.

  • Add coverage gathering using figleaf if the --coverage command line option is given. When gathering coverage, the figleaf report can be downloaded from the /_coverage url.

  • Add a --max-memory option to limit the total amount of memory spawning will use. If this is exceeded a SIGHUP will be sent to the controller causing the children to restart.

  • Add a --max-age option to limit the total amount of time a spawning child is allowed to run. After the time limit is exceeded a SIGHUP will be sent to the controller to cause the children to restart.

  • Instead of just passing the PYTHONPATH environment variable through to the children, construct the PYTHONPATH from the contents of sys.path.

  • Instead of just trying to run 'spawn' with /usr/bin/env when restarting, just run sys.executable -m spawning.spawning_controller, making it more likely that the controller will run correctly when restarting.

  • Add a --verbose option and change the default startup procedure to not log the detailed dictionary of configuration information.


Python binding for Mongrel's http11 parser

Last weekend I wrote a Python binding for Mongrel's http11 parser. I will probably integrate this into eventlet.wsgi and Spawning at some point, but it's not really that much faster than eventlet.wsgi's existing pure python http parser, so I'm not in a hurry.

I decided to release the code on github in case anybody else is interested in playing around with it in the meantime. This is the first time I've used git to commit and push. So far my impression of git compared to darcs and hg is very good. git seems easy enough to use and is very fast. There's not a compelling reason to use it over hg except for the fact that pretty much everybody else in the world seems to be leaning towards git.