Have you met my Evil Twin?

Well, I finally did it. I re-implemented LivePage in Nevow. It was a piece of cake, really. The hardest part was coming up with the right design for how to allow programmers access to the client object which represents a user's browser. After talking to itamar about it at length, I finally realized that the cred 'mind' concept was the perfect solution. With very little code, a programmer can write a new realm which mediates for the entire application. It can then be the central point for all the clients to communicate with each other, such as in a chat application.

I wrote a simple example chat application called Chatola. You can get the source here:


Download all three files and run the tac file using:

twistd -noy chatola.tac

Currently, you will need to have Twisted (http://twistedmatrix.com) and a recent CVS checkout of Quotient (http://divmod.org) installed. Soon, nevow will be released as a standalone package.


maarten said...

The chatola example included with the examples package on the page http://nevow.com/Nevow2004Tutorial.html
doesn't work
( On windows with nevow 0.3 and twisted
1.3 )
Yours sincerely, Maarten van der Heijden

Donovan Preston said...

The Nevow 0.3 tarball includes a vastly improved Chatola demo in the examples/chatola/ directory. Please use the up-to-date version.