LivePage rules

At SuperHappyDevHouse last weekend, I finally got the time to update the Chatola example to the latest livepage APIs, which I was developing in a series of branches named livepage-completion-notification. Since all the examples are now updated and the new API is relatively robust and stable, I merged this long-standing branch into trunk today.

These API changes were the major thing I wanted to get done before releasing Nevow 0.5. Unfortunately, after the 0.4.1 release the other major change occurred: Depending on zope.interface. formless.annotate.TypedInterface did some things with Interface that zope.interface doesn't like at all. So I'll have to decide how to deal with this; right now I'm leaning towards hacking them out using any means necessary. It won't be pretty.

With livepage solidifying, formless next up to be put through the refactoring ringer, and a planned context refactoring in the future, Nevow is really starting to move towards a stable 1.0 target.

One last thing... I have a secret LivePage project that I have been working on which I am very eager to show the world. Some of you know about it; don't tell anybody what it is yet, I want it to be a surprise :-)

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yarrow said...

i wanna know! how come i'm not in the know??