Apple just released AppleScript Studio

Apple just released AppleScript Studio in the December 2001 Developer Tools update! Get it from Apple.

If you haven't heard of it, AppleScript Studio is Apple's integration of a few technologies. First, they extended Project Builder to edit, format, color, and debug AppleScripts. Then, they wrote a terminology dictionary to give AppleScript the ability to manipulate Cocoa objects. Finally, they modified Interface Builder to allow the developer to hook up a Cocoa widget with an AppleScript "handler".

Several of us at my company have been eagerly awaiting this release. It's an interesting hybrid application of all the technologies Apple now controls -- some Apple projects, and some NeXT projects. Also, it seems to revive a lot of the missing rapid development possibilities left untapped by the demise of HyperCard -- all that is missing is an Object Database.

More to come as I explore the possibilities embodied in this exiting new release.

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